There are 100,000 glaciers in Alaska (of varying sizes) and 95% are in retreat, melting back in our era of global warming. Explored Laughton Glacier above Skagway, Alaska. Glaciers carve drama and splendor into the landscapes. Both bulldozer and conveyor belt, the sticky ice picks up rocks that it uses chock-a-block to grind away at the mountains, creating new… Read more →

In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods*

Why climb a mountain? Short answer (from George Mallory): “Because it is there.” Longer response (from Reinhold Messner): “Most people are not interested in personal experience. The concept that one can willingly tax one’s physical and mental resources out of a pure joy of living: that one can become obsessed with a hunger to experience the world and the mind… Read more →


A glacier-carved masterpiece, Tracy Arm Fjord winds narrow and serpentine for 26 miles into the southeast Alaska coastline. 4,000 foot granite rock walls soar straight up out of ocean 1,000 feet deep; waterfalls cascade down in silver plumes; mountain goats prance and dance across the vertical escarpments; seals sun themselves on pan-ice tabletops;  garlands of greenery, decorated with wildflowers festoon the mountainsides; in July hummingbirds… Read more →

Madagascar, Africa

Madagascar is an island country in the Indian Ocean, off the southeast coast of Africa, and the fourth largest island in world. It’s been isolated for 70 million years, leading to the development of unique flora and fauna, with 90% of its wildlife found only in Madagascar. The “stars” of the show are Lemurs, over 100 different species of the primates from… Read more →