“Where the humans are caged and the animals run wild.” Explored Monkey Jungle in Homestead, Florida. The wildlife bio-park, on ten acres, allows you to move through lush rainforest habitats via screened walkways, and at a feeding station, you leave your “cage” to interact with the monkeys. New concepts in primate behaviors have been developed here, along with first-in-captivity births.… Read more →

Michael Modzelewski Radio Interview via Podcast, Montreal, Quebec, Canada — “Creative Magic Unchained”

Host Frederic Bye interviews Michael about his writing career and world travels.


The most unusual rock formation in the world. The water-stream erosion Navajo Sandstone, 190 million years old, is a heart flayed open, taffy gone wild, a hallucination in stone! Located near the Utah-Arizona border in the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness. The BLM limits access to just 20 permits per day, for the sandstone is fragile and there is no trail… Read more →