Michael Modzelewski

Author and Adventurer

Michael Modzelewski is the author of Inside Passage: Living with Killer Whales, Bald Eagles and Kwakiutl Indians; North Through Paradise; Angeles Crest: A Memoir; and Wild Life: The Miss-Adventures of a Cosmo Bachelor. When not writing books, hosting adventure-travel TV shows or giving motivational speeches, Michael enjoys exploring the Alaskan fjords and leading walking safaris in Tanzania, Africa.

Michael Modzelewski and Amy Tan

Inside Passage Book Review – By Amy Tan

  “Michael Modzelewski is the John Muir of our times. Like Muir, he provides quiet and reverential observance of nature and our own humanity, while interjecting riveting narratives of unanticipated death-defying adventures. His writing is visceral and poetic, alternately humorous and heart-rending, able to sweep the reader seamlessly into his world. I have spent happy hours with his writing.” —… Read more →



PBS Television filmed Michael’s book, INSIDE PASSAGE: LIVING WITH KILLER WHALES, BALD EAGLES, AND KWAKIUTL INDIANS, with Michael playing himself in the Bio-Pic of life on the wilderness island in the Inside Passage of Alaska. Read more →


Cosmopolitan Magazine

Michael was chosen as a Cosmo “Bachelor of the Month” and Year. His appearance as Mr. November not only brought Michael a wife, but his experiences of dating women around the world are the subject of his latest, best-selling book, Wild Life: The Miss-Adventures of a Cosmo Bachelor. Read more →

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises

Michael has a life-long contract with Princess Cruises, as their top Alaska Naturalist and Guest Speaker. He has a huge following, with passengers specifically booking cruises that Michael is on. As one passenger stated: “Michael is the Prince of the Princess ships.” Read more →


Everglades, Florida

Explored the “Sea of Grass” in south-central Florida aboard an Air Boat. Deep in the Glades, a giant 12 foot long, bull alligator approached the boat so close, we could look him in the eyes. He purposely placed twigs on his nose to bait birds to land on him — where, in a flash, they would then be in the belly of the… Read more →

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico

My favorite town in Mexico! Oaxaca has it all — amazing folk art, vibrant markets, strolling musicians in the streets, tasty cuisine, and the Zapotec and Mixtec people have roots traceable to the nearby settlement of Mount Alban in 500 B.C. Explored Oaxaca during The Day of The Dead celebration, when the natives celebrate their deceased loved ones with costumed… Read more →


On Safari!

    “Safari” is a Swahili word meaning “adventurous journey.” A safari in East Africa takes you into the very center of exotic wildlife and breathtaking scenery! I work with Corbett Bishop Safaris in Tanzania. Corbett is originally from Texas and has a heart as big as the state and a passion for Africa that is contagious!! Corbett customizes each… Read more →


In the Throne Room of the Mountain Gods*

Why climb a mountain? Short answer (from George Mallory): “Because it is there.” Longer response (from Reinhold Messner): “Most people are not interested in personal experience. The concept that one can willingly tax one’s physical and mental resources out of a pure joy of living: that one can become obsessed with a hunger to experience the world and the mind… Read more →

Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney

California constantly amazes with its diversity of landscape! One wild ramble took me from Badwater, Death Valley -282 feet; the lowest point in the United States – then just a few miles away I began climbing up to the highest point in the mainland U.S.: Mt. Whitney,+ 14, 495 feet! It was mid-October and I had the entire mountain to… Read more →